PR Advent calendar
for tech startups
15 min per day
1-24 December
from AROUND PR Studio
Get noticed by VC investors in 24 days!
About PR Advent calendar
Gain visibility with venture investors in a matter of 24 days by implementing simple step-by-step guides for just 15 minutes a day. The format is plain: one day equals one task plus some tips from the Around PR Studio.

Competition is fierce for venture capital. Anything that can help you stand out from the others brings your startup closer to seed investment. The Around PR Studio (focused on investment PR for tech startups) has developed an advent calendar with easy-to-fulfill tasks for 24 days of December. All advents contain advice and useful instruments to boost your awareness and attract VC investors.

What you get in 24 days
  • Create a PR strategy for attracting VC money
  • Breathe life into your Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Start blogging on Medium
  • Participate in a podcast relevant to your project
  • Secure some posts in the various tech media (from Hakernoon to TechCrunch)
  • Become friends with industry journalists
  • Increase the mentions of your startup X20
  • Learn about the latest startup community trends
  • Add your startup on popular listings (Crunchbase and others)
  • Plan your participation in the global tech events of 2023
How the Advent calendar works?
You leave your email in the contact form below and receive a new advent task for 24 days of December directly into your Google Calendar.

This way, you won’t forget and can easily find and fulfill all the tasks. To facilitate this, we will send you an invitation link that you have to accept in order to find the advent reminders with the tasks and tips in your calendar.

If you prefer receiving announcements by daily email messages, please indicate so in the contact form. You are free to stop the advent messages at any moment by using the Unsubscribe button.

Who can benefit from PR Advent calendar?
  • Founders of tech startups searching for VC funds
    Upgrade your PR skills and make your startup visible to investors.
  •  Startup CMO’s & Marketing directors
    Discover new PR instruments and receive practical advice.
  • Everyone who only plans to run a startup
    Find out what measures are helpful in startup/investor relations.
  • VC funds investors
    Gain a better understanding of startup founders’ way of thinking.
  • Business angels and private investors
    Raise awareness about ideal startup profile and attract more applications.
  • Founders of tech accelerators and incubators
    Stay in tune to the most recent startup trends and gain familiarity within the startup community.
About Around PR studio
PR Studio AROUND is an international boutique agency for tech startups and venture funds

  • focus on investment PR, attracting VC investors and angels
  • a senior team of cross-discipline experts with 10+ years of experience
  • 30+ projects in total in foodtech, fintech, AI, VC, marketplace, FMCG, telecom (both B2C & B2B)
  • database of personal contacts with journalists in 4 markets (US, Europe, CIS, China)
  • strong marketing expertise that facilitates achievement of outstanding PR results
  • headquarters in Warsaw (Poland)
  • deep dive into the client’s business: PR agency that acts as an in-house specialist
Core team
  • Czeslaw
    Senior PR-manager, Co-founder
    • Acted as CMO for two international IT-companies Solvd and Syndicode
    • Worked as PR-director for such big brands as Coca-Cola, Prestigio, A1 Telecom
    • 10+ years of experience in PR
  • Toni
    Senior PR-manager, Co-founder
    • Worked previously in top tech PR agencies like Vinci, Mindset Consulting, Brute & Butter
    • 30+ successful projects delivered in food tech, fintech, AI, VC, marketplace
    • 3 markets with good contacts with journalists (US, EU, CIS)
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